Orchard Ridge Neighborhood Association

Orchard Ridge resident John Driscoll was a published historian of Wisconsin's Civil War contributions. 

Madison Wisconsin: Orchard Ridge author and historian John K. Driscoll gives a presentation about Wisconsin during the American Civil War. John presents the condition of the new state -- only 13 years from territorial status when the war broke out -- its people and how they saw the national situation at the time, who the Wisconsin volunteers were, where they came from, what they did for their livings, what they ate, wore, and thought of the political situation then. He'll touch on Camp Randall and the three Wisconsin regiments in the famous Iron Brigade of the Army of the Potomac, and look into why more than 90,000 Badgers marched off to fight in somebody else's war. Driscoll is working on his fourth book, the story of the Erie Railroad. His previously published books are The Baraboo Guards; Rogue: A Biography of Civil War General Justus McKinstry; and The Civil War on Pensacola Bay.

 Here, in five parts, is his program made for Orchard Ridge residents. 

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