Orchard Ridge Neighborhood Association

The following is a list of some resources useful to Orchard Ridge residents. If you're here, you're using the internet. UW Madison's Division of Information Technology has some useful general resources even for those not associated directly with UW. 

6 Easy Opt Outs to Protect Your Privacy gives links to opt out of telemarketers, credit card offers, and other solicitations that seem to burden many of us. 

New Rules for Creating Passwords is the result of 2017 guidelines from NIST (National Institute for Science and Technology). One result is if you follow these new rules, you won't have to change your passwords frequently (but who does?). Can't remember all your logons and passwords? The article mentions LastPass and KeePass. I use Datavault on all my Apple devices (works with Windows and Android devices also). 

What do the privacy policies of websites really mean? Given that such privacy policies are lengthy missives filled with lots of complicated, mind-numbing legalese (not to mention presented in the tiniest of fine print), many of us scroll quickly through and click the box without a second thought.

In doing so, however, we likely are compromising our privacy.

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