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If you are new to Orchard Ridge or have not been a member of Orchard Ridge Neighborhood Association, please click Join for New Members.

If you are a member of Orchard Ridge Neighborhood Association, but have not yet logged in to this website, you will need to activate your existing membership as follows: 

With your email address as your login, click on the login link at the top of the page, then click on the link "Forgot password", enter your email address and the CAPTCHA code. You will receive an email instructing you on how to complete the login and set your password. Please update and correct any information in your profile. **

All profile fields starting with the word "Household" are the fields used to identify your household as a member (membership is by household). Household Email is the critical field and serves both as your login and email address for sending communications by the website. The member profile also allows up to two persons to be listed for each household. This information can be different from the information in the Household fields. Importantly the email addresses for these household members will be CC'd when emails are sent out to the household email address. 

If you have questions about joining or logging in if you are a current member, contact the site administrator at orchardridgemadison23 at gmail.com. 

** If you receive an error message saying your email does not exist, then it is probable that the email address we chose for your login is the one we have an record for your spouse/significant other. Give that email address a try. 

Contact the site administrator at orchardridgemadison23 at gmail.com if problems persist. 

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